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Publication is a function that ABATOM Associates takes up very early in its operations, and seeks to pursue vigorously for obvious reasons: first, for its own sake; second, for satisfying a key raison d'etre of ABATOM's establishment, this being a think tank; third, as a means of providing outlet for disseminating ABATOM's work, including its research findings, to the outside world; fourth, and lastly, because the ABATOM publication function is very much bound up with the professional lives of the two Directors as academics.
Judging from the publications profile of the Directors, ABATOM Associates should soon begin to record an increasing number of titles of published books and monographs bearing its imprint. To be sure, the first two books due to be published shortly and under specifically ABATOM imprimatur are by its Directors (for details, see Gallery, under the sub-section on Forthcoming Books).
Also, ABATOM has a Book Publication Programme aimed at encouraging scholars and researchers in their mid-careers to publish their books under a mutually beneficial, cost-sharing arrangement with the Publishers, but without compromising on the all-important scholarly standards of merit and quality. The Programme is a response particularly to the demands being continually made on mid-career scholars and researchers within the university system who are under pressure to produce more and more publications for purposes of promotion and advancement as part of the conditions of the academic career (reference is to the so-called publish-or-perish syndrome), and the need for an intervention measure of the kind here planned for relieving the affected individuals of such pressures. For details, see ABATOM Book Publication Programme for Scholars and Researchers in Their Mid-Careers
In addition to Books, Monographs, and perhaps Commissioned Studies and Technical Reports (where their dissemination is permitted), ABATOM's other planned publications include Occasional Papers (the outcome of Distinguished Lectures series planned as part of ABATOM programmes of research and publishing), Research Briefings, Information Bulletins (or Fact Sheets) reporting the organisation's activities or events whether about the immediate past, on-going, or forthcoming, and of course the Brochure about the think tank. The last three can now be found as a brochure downloadable on our website www.abatom.com/publications.