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ABATOM Associates has on its governing Board two Directors and an Administrative Secretary. As such, it may look rather small an organisation. But with a Board comprising of a pair of former university-based professors, and both of them nationally renowned, internationally recognised, top-rate scholars and researchers, and tested administrators, the size of organisation belies ABATOM'sgreat potential and installed capacity as a think tank. The Directors are:
 Prof Adekanye
Professor J. 'Bayo Adekanye, 
Director and Chief Executive;
Prof O Adekanye 
Professor Tomilayo O. Adekanye, 
Director and Deputy Chief Executive. 
The two Board Directors do also enjoy enough external links to be able to draw on and utilise additional research expertise and support of other skilled personnel and professionals, who may be appointed as External Consultants for specific projects, if and when this becomes necessary.
For more information about ABATOM Associates as a corporate body, the qualifications and experiences of its Directors, the pool of complementary intellectual resources, research expertise, skills, and competencies that the Directors bring installed as in-house capacity for running the think-tank, the names and resumes of external resources available to be tapped at short notice, and the programmes and projects being currently undertaken, visit the website: www.abatom.com.