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The consultancy work of ABATOM Associates takes off from the efforts previously deployed by its two Directors albeit at various times and in their individual capacities; except that, this time around, those individual efforts and capacities are now harmonized under one common umbrella. This will help better and more effectively market the installed expertise and skills of the think tank as a corporate group.
Fortunately, many of the topical and urgent issues on today's policy and research agenda globally, and in which most of our targeted clients are also certain to be interested, are complex by nature, cut across the boundaries of particular disciplines, and will require a multidisciplinary approach to tackle. Fortunately, also, the complementary nature of intellectual resources, research expertise, skills, specializations, and experiences that the Directors bring as installed capacity should help in positioning ABATOM Associates as a firm to beat in any competitive bidding for consultancy on most of these and other related complex and interrelated issues of interest and concern in the domain.
A list of Resource Persons is being currently compiled for augmenting ABATOM's capacity in other areas that may not be directly under its installed competence. From the list will be drawn other skilled personnel and professionals for serving as External Consultants for specific projects, if and when the need arises. Ultimately, the goal of any consultancy work is to produce and submit good and quality commissioned studies and technical reports that satisfy the interests and demands of clients.
Our targeted clients include individuals, groups, organisations, government and policy makers, and agencies not just within Nigeria, but also at the ECOWAS Sub-Regional, Continental-African, and International levels, that have need for our services.