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Research is central to most of the activities of ABATOM Associates. It is, for example, the foundation on which the think tank's consultancy work is built. Commissioned studies and technical reports cannot be done for any clients without the help of research findings. The same is true of publishing, education and training, and knowledge networking. In fact, it may not be exaggeration to say that none of the range of other services which ABATOM Associates sets out to provide -consulting, commissioned studies and technical reports, publishing, speaking engagements and invited lectures, knowledge networking, education, training and mobilization, feasibility studies, project analysis, monitoring and evaluation, policy advisory services, management services, marketing and dissemination, counseling and referral services - is deliverable without being supported by sound research. Consequently, ABATOM Associates places a high premium on the need for good quality research in its operations. The backgrounds of the two Directors, as academics and researchers, also ensure this.
There are two research proposals which ABATOM Associates is currently working on as projects for submission to funding agencies or organisations. The research project proposals concerned were previously formulated by the Directors in their individual capacities, but are being now taken over for execution under ABATOM aegis. The research project proposals are about
(a) Conflicts, HIV/AIDS Pandemic, and Rising Military Incapacities in Sub-Saharan Africa: Implications for Regional Security and
(b) Gender, Agriculture, and Globalisation: African Dimensions and Cases.
Obviously, execution of each of the research project proposals will require collaboration with other researchers, but the principal investigators are from ABATOM. More information about these, including details of each of the projects, aims and objectives, scope and methods, names of collaborating researchers, progress in application, funding agencies, dates for project commencement and completion, and expected outcomes, will be posted as when due.