Ayomide Adepeju Adekanye was appointed Acting Administrative Secretary (doubling concurrently also as Programme Officer) to the non-governmental research organisation, from Monday June 24, 2013 to Tuesday March 11, 2014. She had just completed her degree programme at Babcock University, and was waiting to proceed on Youth Corps. She has B.Sc, Hons. Political Science Degree, and her Research Project (Long Essay) was on Women in Key Decision Making Positions in Nigerian Government: Comparative Study of the Federal and Selected State Governments form the South-West, 1999 – 2012, submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement and qualification for the degree from Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State, Nigeria, July 2013. Her Duties at Abatom Associates included: helping to properly set up the ABATOM Office; linking up with the External System Administrator to up-date the organisation’s Website; following up on ABATOM tasks particularly manuscript preparation, photocopying, binding, and related computing services, outsourced to other firms or individuals.


Due to cost the decision was taken by the Board to start requesting for Corps member from the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC), Oyo State Chapter, to serve as the firm’s Administrative Secretary beginning early 1n 2017. The first person to be recruited and still currently serving in that capacity is Sunday Pelumi Afolabi (Call-up No: NYSC/ADO/2016/389867 and State Code: OY/16B/4670). A graduate of Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti, from where he obtained his Bachelor of Science Second-Upper Honours Degree in Agricultural Economics and Extension Services, September 2016, Mr. Afolabi’s B.Sc. Research Project was on “The Use of Folk Media for Information Dissemination among Rural Households in Ekiti and Ondo States, Nigeria”. He assumed work with Abatom Associates on February 27, 2017 and is expected to stay with the organization until the end of the Service year in December 2017. The duties assigned to him include: completing the processing of the first textbook to be published by Abatom Books titled The Comparative Method and Civil-Military Relations (Ibadan University Printery, forthcoming 2017); photocopying, binding, and related computer services; responding to E-mail communications and enquiries; helping with sourcing for external grant; working with the External System Administrator to update the organization’s Website; and performing any such other functions as may be assigned.